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Don stories | Part 4 | Vedernikov
► See our excursion to the Vedernikov Winery, the most famous wine producer in the Don Valley.
In this video:
► You will learn the history of the original Don grape varieties.
► You will see the southern terroirs of the country and learn how to produce wine in Russia
► You will learn about the device of the most successful winery enterprise of the Rostov region "Vedernikov Winery"
► Enjoy the local beauties and hope our installation :)
Wine Retail Forum 2018 | How it was

New wine events are always of great interest. In addition to novelty, Wine Retail Forum immediately stood out clearly against the backdrop of other events - a dialogue of representatives of wine business, retail and government.

The two-day program included eight sessions devoted to the current situation in the wine market. Leading representatives of the market discussed such issues as the prospects of online wine trade, the impact of promotions on consumers, the perception of Russian wine in general, new opportunities for education in the wine industry and much more.

The organizers plan to hold the Wine Retail Forum annually.

In our opinion, the Wine Retail Forum is an effective platform for discussing the topical issues of the wine industry in the field of legal regulation, methods of wine sales, marketing, wine training, e-commerce and technology.

Wine Retail Forum is attractive for visitors due to the high level of speakers and a large concentration of participants who directly make decisions in companies. We hope that the event will prove itself as an effective platform for building the necessary relations in the wine business.

Don stories | Part 3 | Elbuzd
In the third part we talk about the winery Elbuzd.
We included Elbuzd in the compulsory program of our trip, because:
1) This young winery has a clear concept of its own wines: it's wines made from international grape varieties and a special emphasis on cabernet france.
2) Compared with the wineries from the previous parts - Vina Arpachino, Kleimenov Manor, Sarkel, VinaBani, Villa Zvezda - Elbuzd's winery is in a completely different geographical position. Here the difference between day and night temperatures is more noticeable and it is very hot in the summer.
3) Elbuzd is located 40 minutes by car from Rostov-on-Don on the way to Krasnodar. Favorable location creates excellent opportunities for wine tourism.
See our interview with the vintner Elbuzd Vadim Voskovyh!
Gérard Bertrand in Moscow
We talked with Gerard Bertrand during his visit to Moscow on April 24, 2018.
Gerard Bertrand is not just a beautiful brand name, but a concrete person who created the largest wine empire in the south of France in Languedoc. You can immediately imagine a traditional picture: an elderly gentleman, wise with experience, surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But Gerard Bertrand is a completely atypical case for the winemaker. At 53, he united under his own brand 14 estates in the south of France, starting with one small winery inherited from his father. For his life Gerard Bertrand has already managed to build two successful careers: a professional rugby player of the best French clubs RC Narbonne and Stade Français and winemaker. In 2015, he published his book "Wine under the lucky star" (Fr. Le vin à la belle étoile), where he told about life principles and the spiritual path and developed beliefs.
Calmness, the manner of keeping oneself, the deep timbre of the voice, attention to detail, respect for the audience - this is what Gerard Bertrand instantly places to himself. See our video in which Gerard Bertrand talks about the common thing between Languedoc and Moscow, how to drink wine and play in the first league of French rugby, what exactly is biodynamics and how to start building a wine empire.
The wine of Gérard Bertrand in Russia is represented by Beluga Group.
Don Tales

We present to your attention a trailer for the video series about winemaking in the Don valley. Don stories are our view of modern Russian winemaking, unknown, full of secrets and discoveries. The theme of Russian wine leaves no one indifferent - here there are real admirers of Russian wine, and no less ardent opponents. The truth is as always somewhere nearby, and we teamed with iMVINO to search for it. This video is the beginning of our journey through the vineyards of Russia, but the country is big, and how many more wine regions are waiting for us! We invite to cooperation wineries and other participants of the wine business to cover their projects. For communication:

Winemaking pavilion at Beviale Moscow 2018
From February 27 till March 1 2018 there was held the 3rd international drinks industry exhibition Beviale Moscow. The peculiarity of this year exhibition - is the creation of a special place dedicated to wine workshops. During these three days the leading Russian wineries were presenting their work to the professionals of the industry.
How to combine public performances with wine tasting?
On February 19, Independent Wine Media iMVINO conducted a joint tasting with the Toastmasters public speaking club. It was an experiment - we tried to connect the wine tasting with the practice of public speech. It turned out to be fascinating! One observation - with each new sample the speakers on the stage became more relaxed. Of course, you should not consider wine as a panacea or a medicine that can make you a great orator. Oratory is primarily a technique, and technology, as you know, requires concentration, knowledge of special techniques, and regular testing of these techniques. Wine also affects the emotional behavior of a person, allowing you to overcome stiffness and barriers in communication. For sure, many experienced the very "one hundred grammes for courage"! We received many positive feedback from the meeting participants and we are not going to stop there. Our position remains the same: wine is a bottomless barrel, in which all human knowledge is enclosed. Well, I would like to finish with a quote by Louis Pasteur. "A bottle of wine contains more knowledge than all the books of the world", without failing, of course, the Ministry of Health warning that excessive consumption of alcohol harms your health. We thank the Toastmasters Club and all the participants for their cooperation, active participation and support! We also thank the entire team of the restaurant PaPaella for excellent snacks and excellent service. Well, a small bonus track - an atmospheric video with tasting under the romantic Spanish music😊 Video made work from the studio LifeCinema. Write, what else would you like to see tastings? We will try to translate your ideas into reality! :)
Wine, tango and barbecue - "Independence Day of Argentina" at the embassy cottage

Celebrating the 201st anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Argentina. Argentine wines, tango and barbecue on open fire.
1:50 - Veld21
4:30 - Eurowine
6:30 - Radisson Royal
11:55 - Classica
14:35 - Ambassador of Argentina

The city of wine in Bordeaux is the largest wine museum in the world !!!

A video tour of the City of Wine in the world wine capital. The newest and most expensive wine museum in the world, opened on June 1, 2016. Be sure to visit when traveling to Bordeaux!

VINEXPO 2017 - the main wine exhibition in France

June 18-21 in Bordeaux was the most anticipated wine exhibition of France. More than 40,000 visitors from 150 countries gathered in these days in Bordeaux to jointly lead the future of the world wine industry.

About how it was you will see in our video.

1:27 A very hot summer in Bordeaux
3:00 Red carpet to VINEXPO
4:24 Key figures of VINEXPO-2017

Chinese wines conquer the world

Our discoveries from a trip to Bordeaux on VinExpo 2017 regarding Chinese wines. About how we unexpectedly tried the best red wine from the Bordeaux grape varieties, which is made to everyone's surprise in China !!!

Open your eyes to Chinese wine!

Our little preview to the movie about Chinese wines

Celebrating Malbek Day 2017

This year, the celebration of the Day of Malbec was on September 13. The event was part of the annual World Food Moscow exhibition. Independent Wine Media acted as an information partner of the event. Together with the guests of the Embassy of Argentina, we tasted the most interesting samples of the Malbekov, presented in Moscow.

Wine from Malbec is an integral part of the culture of Argentina!

Our full video from the celebration of the Day of Malbek 2017 with comments about Argentine wine-making

In Bordeaux on the Vinexpo 2017 and the City of Wine La Cite du Vin

A short teaser about how iMVINO in Bordeaux visited, talked there with ours, went to the museum, went on a tuk-tuk.

Don stories | Part 1

In this series, you will see the first day of staying in the Don Valley last September and the impetuous movement from Rostov-on-Don towards Tsimlyansk with a stop at Khutor Arpachina and Sarkel Usadba.

Our main task in this journey is to communicate with real people, and not by the ones we imagined ourselves, about which we heard or read somewhere. Those people who make wine on the Don land at the moment. We were ready to drop everything that we knew and saw before, everything that we were taught and that served as criteria for assessing the phenomena in order to see the life of the region as clearly as possible, to hear people's stories, to perceive their guilt.

We believe that wine & ndash; this product is not just agricultural, but also a product of national culture. The wine is inextricably linked with the history of this or that locality, the events that took place here. People who do these wines & ndash; they are living media of information, linking the past and the present. Wine & ndash; this is a too layered product to get around any of the evaluation systems that are proposed today. Therefore, we refused to compare in favor of the direct experience of staying in a given locality at a particular time.

Don stories | Part 2
Our autumn travels through the Don wineries.

In this part we visit three wineries:
1:06 The Kleimenov Manor, according to which Sergey Nikolaevich Kleimenov conducted us
3:54 VINABANI with Yury Nikolaevich Chemichov
16:34 Villa Zvezda with Ivaneyev Sergey Alexandrovich

Our journey through the Don vineyards is, first of all, communication with winemakers.
Traveling along the Don, we got acquainted with Russian winemakers, learned what they lived, tried their wines, walked through the vineyards and enjoyed the local nature.

Wine tourism for Russia is still an exotic phenomenon, however, more and more tourists visit the south of Russia to get acquainted with local winemaking.
Behind every wine is a man and a terroir. We are very grateful for the opportunity to visit the Don Vineyards and express our special thanks to each of the winemakers who accepted us and told us about their business.

In the coming year, we also plan to visit Russian wineries and shoot stories about how to produce Russian wines.
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